Everyone agrees that social media and internet marketing strategies are working well for all kinds of brands. Digital marketing is the focus of attention of most of the small and big businesses.


But do you think that print marketing is on its deathbed? Do you think that traditional way of marketing has lost its effectiveness?


The print material has its own credibility. The major psychological advantage of print marketing is that people believe that someone will only spend money on printing and mailing when it is worth it. Your material gets special attention when it appears in a printed form. The printers in Dubai are expanding their scope of work and importing more digital printing materials to meet the increasing need for the print market.

Why Print Material Is Getting More Attention Of Your Potential Clients

Below are the reasons why print marketing is advantageous


Scope of print material


Printed material has a vast scope of application. It does not stick to printing on the paper only. You must have seen your favorite brands printing on pens, cups, T-shirts and keychains. They print it because they know the credibility of print material. If you can gift a pen, a cup or a T-shirt with your logo printed on it, people will retain the gift for a longer period of time. This shows the value of your printing material.


Even Ecommerce stores are using it


Online stores are less likely to use the print material because of their pure online nature of the business. They are approaching the online customers through several digital marketing efforts. But you can see printed labels, item catalogues, coupons and brochures inside the packaging. This is the irony that the digital world is also feeling the need for print material.




It’s not strange to say that print material is celebrating its rebirth. With so many social media campaigns on the internet, Facebook and other media appearing on our smartphone and laptop screens all the time that the users find them annoying. Users got bored with online advertisement and tend to ignore the online promotional activities.


Printing material seems different and busy people prefer to read brochures, flyers, and other printed stuff.  They feel comfortable to read out something on paper. The increase in the use of digital printing Dubai and other business areas is the proof of its rebirth.




We receive hundreds of emails or other digital messages on our devices on a daily basis. While we receive fewer post mails these days. Because of this proportion, we pay less value to our emails and give more attention to the few mail post we receive. This is the opportunity! The opportunity to send something by post and get the maximum attention of your client.

Color printing or modern lithography has become a key aspect of advertising for the present business needs. Color creates depth in a logo or a business card. A black & white and dull business card is unattractive. Texture and color in any business card can make the businessman pop out from the rest. A company that has its corporate colors well thought out can impact the market with a brute force.

Printing Colors-Lost In Translation | Printing Press in Dubai

Seeing is believing, and what we see first in the advertising industry are colors and the shapes. Many Dubai based marketing projects complain that the colors they wanted on their logos did not come out as they designed it on their monitors and laptops. That's when the concerned printing press in Dubai explains that it is almost impossible to match those colors absolutely. Here's why.

Bi-standard inks

The color we see on our laptops and monitors is generated from an RGB color palette. The RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. The laptop monitor is black and different combinations of the monitor pixels are turned on, at varying intensity, to make different colors.

Turning all the Red, Blue and Green pixels makes the screen white. The RGB color palette is, therefore, an additive color mode, which means that a color is added over the black of the monitor or the Black is NOT 'subtracted' by a filter to display the requisite color. (Black cannot be subtracted anyway)

On the other hand, a printing press in UAE and the wider world use the CYMK color palette. The CYMK stands for Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Key (Black). Printers have to use this palette. The reason being that in most cases, printers are printing on white paper. So unlike the monitor or laptop in front of you which has a black base, a printed material has a WHITE paper base. To bring out the color on a white background requires more product to be plastered over the white of the paper.

Instead, colors are used to filter the white such that required color is brought out. The CYMK is, therefore, a subtractive color mode, which means that the pigment on the white paper subtracts from the white to bring out the new color.

The problem

While there are better and better image translators available in the market, absolutely perfect color reading from one color system to the other is nearly impossible. There are color segments in each color mode that are unable to be translated into the other. For those colors Pantone process colors are used, which are more expensive to print.  

Hence due to the laws that govern light and photon wavelengths, a Professional printing press can only be 99.99% accurate on color but never a 100%.

Do you want to make your flyer stand out among the crowd? It is certainly the most affordable and inexpensive way of marketing. Thousands of businesses around the world are getting benefited from it. It has remained a key role player in their success.

Flyer Printing Services in Dubai

You can also benefit your firm with flyers. But in the present era, when the competition is very high. You need to make sure that your flyer really stands up among the crowd. For the purpose of flyer printing Dubai could certainly be the right place with too much options. But if you want to come up with a stunning and stand out flyer, you must follow these tips.

Catchy Headline or Title:

You must ensure to add a catchy title or headline in your flyer. It should be a provocative phrase which can attract the attention of your audiences. With the help of the headline or title, you convince your audiences to read further content of your flyer which can generate a lead for you.

Use colorful and Striking Graphics:

Anything which is more colorful and graphically enriched attracts the customers and audiences more. For offset printing Dubai and many other places are certainly well-known. But, as far as making the flyer more attractive and appealing is concerned, it is only possible by using colorful and striking graphics.

Discuss the benefits of your Products or Services:

In your flyer, try to focus on the benefits as much as you can. By discussing the benefits, you are supposed to convince your audiences to choose your product or services. Make sure to talk about those benefits which your competitors and rivals does not provide.

Make Your Flyer Stand Out

Use some compelling Testimonials:

You can impress your audiences more with the testimonials of your happy clients. It can certainly help your flyer to stand out among your competitors, and impress your potential customer to buy your product or services.

Boxes, border and Colorful Scheme:

You must use different boxes to add the most important text in them, so it stands out in the whole flyer. Apart from this you can use borders to give it a fancy look. A colorful scheme for different sections and content could also be very beneficial.

Always Proofread:

Before getting the prints of your flyer, make sure you proofread the whole content of your flyer. There shouldn’t be any grammar, spelling and punctuation mistake. Otherwise, it would put a negative impact on your audiences.






Printing is somewhat part of almost every business today. Especially, those that have to deal with a fair bit of documentation, in complex markets like UAE, this task may test one’s passion if the machinery installed on business premises is not a branded one because it will collapse and crash every now and then. This will open the doors for threats like stoppages and delays which ultimately will result in disappointed and unimpressed clients.

In order to stay on top of the above situations and move on in a swift passion, one as an entrepreneur would need to think about outsourcing this complex and highly critical task to a reliable offset printing Dubai oriented solution provider or in simple words, such tasks shall be outsourced to reliable, affordable and industry smart printing presses in Dubai that are perfectionists in the said domain and knows who to respond in a tight and demanding situation.

Spread The Word With Flying Colours | Flyer Printing Dubai

Why offset?

Yes, this is a question that may bother many, because of the costs that are associated with this type of print solutions, however things are changing, market competition is at its peak and this has pushed the service providers to revise their rates for services.

They want to ensure that they are leading the way when it comes to the number of potential clients. The results associated with offset are also very appealing and the tasks are delivered in no time.

Business owners here in UAE markets rely heavily on target and segmented market and to achieve maximum results they opt for brochures and flyers because they find it affordable and result oriented. With so much advancements taking place all the time, flyer printing Dubai holds its strong position, which clarifies that significant role that it has been playing over the years for entrepreneurs.

With trends like digital, analogue and offset printing offered by industry smart printing presses, business owners feel that they have got an edge over others who may have not utilized such services to the fullest.

Final words:

UAE markets no doubt may have this elite and promising nature, however one as a service acquirer would need to stay on top of the proceedings, especially the selection phases so as to ensure that the service provider in the said industry is the one who is known for the quality of services, skills set and deliverance, falling for anything less than that would mean asking for trouble as the processed and functions may become slow and complex. 

Although, it is a modern day of science and technology, but the old methods of advertisement with brochure and pamphlet are still very captivate. Having to actually physically hold a piece of paper with advertising and marketing traits on it is more effective than flashy message or poster on the internet page. And many people still prefer this method over others. When making a pamphlet, the real goal is to seek the attention of the reader or beholder and get maximum responses out of it.

Brochure Printing Dubai

In big cities like Dubai, the poster and placards are still in style and have their own benefits, many big and small organizations prefer to have a brochure. The brochure printing Dubai based needs are changing and revolutionizing tremendously.  When wanting to make an effective handout some of the important features to keep in mind is; the customer, before starting to invest in making a brochure it is wise to spend some time studying and analyzing the target consumer, their needs, requirements and most importantly their reason for getting attracted to the product or message that you are delivering.  

The recent brochure printing Dubai based needs have changed and modified immensely. The modern method to formulate a pamphlet is on a scheme of Attention, Interest, Desire and Action shortly known as (AIDA). The leaflet has to be attractive so as to capture the sight of the beholder, in this manner they would stop and give it some of their time and thought. It has to be interesting, so as to keep the attention focused and keeps the consumer busy; it can ascend in them a desire to buy that product, which leads to actions like purchasing the product, calling the company or making an appointment.