We should not take the printing press for granted because there are huge efforts and hard works involved, which had made the invention of today’s printing press possible. The magazines, posters, cards, books and every other such material have just become possible because of the printing press.

Invention of Printing Press

Life wouldn’t have been so convenient and beautiful without the facility of printing press. New if we need to print a book, a poster or a wedding and birthday card, we directly go for the facility of printing press. All the printing in Dubai and all around the world is being done by printing press. 

How was life before Printing Press?

One can imagine how slow and how inconvenient life would have been without the facility of the printing. The advertising, infotainment, entertainment and education facilities would have been really restricted and non-worthy. That would have been the worst thing if we think about it in today’s context.

Manually Printed:

Before the arrival of the printing press the printing was done manually by hands. The people who were involved in this work used to work silently in a separate room. They were required to measure the length of the paper and make the impression on wood or stone for it accordingly.

It was a very time taking and hard work. It was so difficult procedure that’s why, the number of copies of a product produced were very less. Most of the time the religious stuff was printed, which was then purchased and owned by the rich people of the society.

Manually Printed

Available to Rich One’s:

So the access to the education and religious stuff was only easily made available to the rich people. Those who belonged to the middle and lower class family of the society were far away from such a facility. So in simple words, the things were reserved and restricted to a special society only.

Johann Guttenberg:

The evolution stated when Guttenberg first invented the concept of the printing press. It was then adopted by many people around the world and suddenly from there the improvements started which brought us to the latest printing done with advanced and high speed technology.


The facility which we have got in the shape of today’s latest printing press has all become possible because of the Johann Guttenberg’s step toward establishing the first ever printing press. The printing in Dubai and all around the world has emerged in this state just because of him.