Being one of the most abundant minerals found in the world, aluminium is offering a perfect choice for production of food with a packaging material. Food other than pure organic is mostly packaged in aluminium cans, bottles, and utensils because they keep food fit to be eaten even for a long time.

Food Packaging Companies in Dubai

With the advantage of being recyclable to reduce environmental pollution which is highly affected mostly from food items and packaging materials. However, aluminium packaged food is not that much beneficial to our health. They carry several of the environmental disadvantages as well and present a risk to the health of public when using food packed this way.

Toxic Bisphenol A Source:

To prevent the food exploit and leech into the aluminium can and food utensils, the internal area of cans are lined with a plastic thin coating. In a survey performed on food packaging companies in Dubai, predict that there is at least one side effect of lining plastic coating in food packing cans because they might expose the consumers to a toxic and harmful level of BPA.

For the reason to identify the causes of plastic coating on human health, when experiments were performed on laboratory animals by Environmental Working Groups, they found that BPA exposure cause cancer, miscarriage, infertility, and insulin resistance.

Additional Pollution:

When recycling aluminium cans for re-manufacturing purpose, half of the material (aluminium) ends up in the combustion process. Thus the can manufacturers have to use the fresh material for new cans because the existing cans are mostly not enough. Also, the process of combustion extracts sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide that result in acid rain that is caused by the smog it produces.        

Also, there are 1:5 proportions of aluminium and liquid waste generating when manufacturing these cans. Getting a ton of cans results in 5 ton of liquid waste that highly affect the soil and ground water. 

The Cause of Injury:

There is one thing more harmful to human health specially children. While opening cans, the sharp edges mostly result in causing serious injury that needs to be recovered with either the help of antibiotics or stitches. That's the main risk which none of any other food packing material has.  

Food Packaging Companies in Dubai

Environmental Resources Conservation:

Fossils fuels like coal, natural gas and oil are the main natural resources available on earth and are limited in nature because they can be obtained only from the decay of organic matter for millions of years under the surface of the earth. These natural resources are extensively used in the production of these cans and might result in its reduction as well. And once reduced, they might not be obtained easily. Because one-third of the manufacturing industries are using coal and the rest of all either use natural gas or oil. 

Difficulty in Accessibility:

The rest of packing material can easily be opened and utilized and even opening and using them doesn’t cause any serious issue. While some of the canned products are too hard and difficult to open and injuries are expected to happen. Mostly a can opener is required for accessing that. This result in additional cost for the end user because opening a can with bare hands usually seem a challenge, so keeping a can opener is must for even a small amount of food.

Food packaging companies in Dubai either prefers the rest of material for food packaging or use specified precautions in case of aluminium packages. Safety instruction, easy accessibility features and reducing injury-casing properties of cans are all the secondary approaches of companies to reduce the risks mainly cause by cans.