Carton or brown boxes are just like cardboards; they are safe for your products and are long lasting. These are mostly used in food industry as they are recycle-able and eco-friendly too. Some benefits of these boxes are given as follows:

How Carton Box Is Useful For Packaging Companies



You can use them in marketing:

These boxes can be used for the purpose of advertising. You can add company logo to the outside part of them. This is the best marketing tool for your organization. It will create awareness about your business.

Used for packing vegetables and fruits:

These boxes are used for keeping fresh fruits and vegetables. These are made from fibrous pulp that is extracted from trees of pine. In these, the eatable items remain safe. Food packaging companies in UAE mostly use these boxes for keeping foodstuff.

Used for packaging vegetables and fruits

They are recyclable:

These boxes are made from recycled materials. There is no use of any dye or bleach in their manufacturing. They can be disposed of very easily. They have ripple effect for energy reduction. Recycling makes carton boxes cheaper than other packaging materials.

They are recyclable

They are flexible:

They come in different sizes (single, double or triple), which makes them durable. You can also use air seal containers in them. You can fold them into shapes as per your business requirements.

They are flexible

They are cost effective:

These are cost effective as they are made from recycled material. They don’t require high labor cost for manufacturing. They are considered the cheapest option; you can use to protect your important items.


There are many advantages of carton box. They are cost effective and eco-friendly. They are the best option to pack your food items.  They can also be used in your advertising. Because of its lot of advantages it is the preferred choice of food packaging companies in UAE.