No matter whichever angle one chooses to look at this industry that is loaded with potential, i.e. be it a perspective focused mainly on Dubai or from the global perspective the significance, value and potential that may be gauge by one will be more or less the same, i.e. a department that is going on the rise with more demands and improvements as far as innovation is concerned.

Packaging Companies in Dubai

Let’s have a look at some of the core trends that are ready to create a sound impact on packaging companies in Dubai and rest of the world:

The reunification of branding and packaging structure:

It is now time for brands irrespective of their size and operations to come up with unique structures focused on packaging. An approach that enables them to differentiate not only on shelves but at the same time help and enable them to build and support a strong brand identity is what exactly they would need.

The role and face of online packaging:

With the growth of ecommerce practices and trends, brands need to explore further smart opportunities as well as hazards that may be associated with this domain. This requirement is perking up because of the prominent shift from in-store shopping toward the online practices that are turning out to be a core part of the packaging design brief and conversation.

The role and face of online packaging

Intelligent, active and smart are the right words for packaging today:

The hunt for clear, standardized and precise definitions for intelligent, active, smart and mobile-enable packaging may not be possible as it still is lacking, however one may clearly observe and measure strong connections of packaging with buyers and in some scenarios even with saving lives.

The experience:

Designs associated with packaging have turned out to be more under influenced by the need of recognition for brand together with modified classification and knowledge. Buyers are looking for such brands in a much elevated passion that can engage and entertain them.

Extending your brand:

When it comes to buyer’s purchasing decision influence, one simple cannot rule out price factor. However, trust in a brand is another factor that may play a key role. These trust levels can be further leverage so as to improve the customer loyalty and expanded product portfolio that might be well ahead of the conventional categories.


Be it a printing press in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, no matter whichever market it is that one may be performing in, one would need to ensure that one stays on top of all the aforementioned facts. This will enable one to understand the close collaboration between brand identity and the roles that can be played by smart packaging approaches.