Never judge a book by its cover. Sadly, that saying may only be true for books. Packaging in the 21st century has become an important part of the marketing strategy. The quality of what is to be sold in the packaging is as important as how attractive the package is. A successful packaging strategy can make or break product sales.

Protection of the product

The primary function of a Product package is to protect the product from external influence or harm. Packaging needs to be sturdy so that the product can reach its destination safely. That’s, from the factory to a retail store and then to the home. Packaging companies in UAE are expected to give options to the product developers to assure this.

Product Packaging- The Art Of Attracting Customers

Displaying Ingredients and instruction

Another reason that could sell a product is a clear and comprehensive display of the ingredients on the product package. Customers will be attracted to a product knowing what’s inside the package? The recipe of a successful sale could be to target a specific market and illustrate information that could provoke the customer to buy the product.

Similarly, if the instructions to use the product are vivid, the customers would find the product easy to manage. It would also encourage the buyer to purchase the same product next time as well.

Color and Attraction

Printing companies in Dubai have enticing ways to print a package. The color of a product package and the shape of the product can attract the customer. On the other hand, a milk carton without a good grip or a water bottle that is colored opaque and black can put off buyers. That is why extensive search is put into the design and color combination of a product package.

A little green leaf on the company logo can denote that the product has been assembled close to nature. These subtle differences and design signatures play with the subconscious of customers and prompt them to bring the product home.

Product differentiation 

Companies that are competing in the same market tend to color and shape their product such that it can stand out from the other and hint a rivalry. We can see it everywhere in a store: shades of red competing against yellow and blue colors. Furthermore, if a company has multiple products, similar in nature, but target different classification of the market, then they may also pack it in different types of packages to signify their dissimilarity.