Businesses are devising different strategies to come on top of their competitors. The marketing of services and products is not limited to conventional or online advertisement. With the increasing competition, brands don’t miss any marketing opportunity.

For that reason, packaging works as a double-edged sword to serve a dual purpose: The basic function of the packaging and the marketing purpose.

Unique packaging attracts the sight of more customers. Use of pillow boxes is increasing because of the appeal of its design and its utility to be used for small and large items alike.

4 Outstanding Benefits Of Pillow Boxes

Packaging companies in Dubai are in competition to provide the best variety, design, and quality of packaging at an economical price.

Choice of material

We will first consider the economical property of pillow boxes. We have the privilege to use any packaging material that suits our product needs. We normally use Kraft or cardboard material for pillow packaging. These materials are ecofriendly and light weighted, which gives another economical reason for transportation. They are also easy to carry. The other feature of these materials is that we can print or emboss a variety of designs with ease.

Convenience and economy of cost

Kraft packaging takes less material because of its light and flexible nature. It is ideal for packing small jewelry items, stationary or small gifts. The pillow boxes are easy to open because you don’t have to open layer after layer to unpack the product. This also cuts the packaging cost.

Ready packaging

There are a variety of uses of pillow boxes because of its ease of use. It is normally used for merchandise packaging, gift packaging and any kind of special product packaging. The unique feature of this kind of packaging is that it is easy to assemble and ready to use. You can easily turn festive seasonal boxes into packaging. You can have a closure on the front of the box to give your product more display.


It provides the ease of customizing the products of different sizes. You can also enhance the aesthetic features of packaging by printing your desired artwork, logo or message. You can also choose a unique color scheme that represents your brand. Another useful feature of this packaging material is that you can cut the boxes and form small windows to give your customers a view of the product. Packaging companies in Dubai prefer pillow boxes for its economy and variety of usage.